Silent-Angels Board of Directors

President and Founder

Nicole Venerable is a sincerely dedicated philanthropist who founded Silent-Angels in 2012. She received her B.A. in Human Services from Judson University while working for a non profit financial institution and interning for a non profit organization that primarily concentrated on domestic violence victims. Nicole was introduced to the concept of "giving back" at an early age by visiting local shelters, accompanying her Father during volunteer mentoring programs, collecting donations for UNICEF and serving as an alter girl at Saint Catherine Saint Lucy Church in Oak Park. She has partnered with organizations such as Stuff for the Poor (STFP), Special Olympics, World Relief DuPage, LSSI and Hephzibah House of Oak Park. As a mother of two children she hopes to teach them to also value the importance of giving back and bringing joy to someone's life.

Vice President

Christel Hicks began giving back to the community at a young age. She actively participated in food, dinner and coat drives for Chicago-land youths with her Grandmother and Church (Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Roseland). As a teenager she volunteered with Bellwood Police Explorers hosting charitable events such as a senior citizens ball, food pantry drives, community fair, as well an annual toy drives. As a current Business Administration student with Robert Morris Christel has the understanding and fundamentals of business planning and corporate initiatives. Combining those skills with her giving nature and good will she has dedicate herself as a major component and key contributor to the Silent-Angels brand.


Elsa Cardenas is a passionate humanitarian with a giving heart and will to help others. Elsa has worked for non-profit organization for over 11 years and has gained the knowledge and tools to successfully lead outreach programs as well as charitable events. She started off participating in the American's Cancer Society, Relay For Life. From there, she went on to servicing World Relief Dupage, Operation Hope, Walking for a Cure and most recently, San Jose Obrero Mission. Part of her life's dream is to have her daughter follow in the same footsteps and get her to also give back to the community and help those in need.