Welcome to Silent-Angels! S-A started as a simple idea: "Get together, Volunteer & Give Back while Having Fun! However it has become a group of dedicated individuals that has left a long lasting impression on the community.

What makes us special?

  • We have the passion and devotion to give back.
  • We genuinely enjoy making others happy.
  • We truly care about every life we touch and every organization's cause.

Whether you are looking for a themed party, picnic, classroom celebration, social gathering, silent auction, sports tournament or adult ball we have the ability to fulfill all your event needs.

All of Silent-Angels events are geared towards fundraising, supporting charitable causes, gaining public awareness and giving back to the community.


Silent-Angels mission is to serve as an event planning establishment dedicated to aiding fellow non profit organizations to gain public awareness, support good causes and mentor those in need while giving back to the community. S-A focuses on hosting philanthropic events while ensuring happiness, sharing blessings & creating memories.


No matter what else we're doing, we hold steadfast to three values that are supported by positivity and define who we are:

  • Give Back to the Community and Those in need.
  • Create Happy & Memorable Experiences.
  • Service-Based Outreach.


To bring happiness to children, families and those in need by creating positive memories through parties, events and fun joyous experiences.